Adding or Editing a Group

Use the Add/Edit Group dialog box to create or edit one group at a time. Individual pages in the Add/Edit Group dialog box let you specify different types of information about the group you are creating or editing.

You can change group information at any time. To ensure that no call activity is interrupted, changes take effect as soon as no calls or Genie sessions that affect the group are in progress.

Note: When you need to add a large number of groups or group members, you can save time by importing them directly from CSV files to the Vocera database. See Importing Data from a CSV File.

After you create groups, be sure to record name prompts for them. If you record prompts, the Genie uses them instead of synthesizing names when speaking to users.

To add or edit a group:

  1. Click Groups in the navigation bar to display the Groups page.
  2. Click Add New Group to create a group profile, or choose a group name from the list and click Edit Group to edit an existing user profile.
    The Search for Group option can help you find a group name quickly. As you type a name, Search for Group finds the closest match in the list.
  3. The Add/Edit Group dialog box opens. Add or edit data as appropriate.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Save to save changes, close the dialog box, and return to the Groups page.
    • Click Save & Continue to save changes and leave the dialog box open to create another group.
    • Click another tab in the dialog box to enter additional group information.