About the Built-In “Everyone” Group

Whenever you add a new site to the system, Vocera automatically creates an Everyone group for that site.

Vocera automatically creates and maintains a special group called Everyone for each of your sites:

When you create or delete a user, Vocera adds or removes that user from the appropriate Everyone group automatically. By default, the Groups tab in the Administration Console displays an Everyone group for each of your sites.

You cannot delete an Everyone group, add members to it, remove members from it, add an Emergency Broadcast Group to it, or change the site it is associated with—only Vocera maintains these features. You can, however, specify all the other properties for an Everyone group, such as its call forwarding properties, its scheduling, and its permissions. An Everyone group is a special group—the Vocera administrator creates and deletes all other groups through the Administration Console.

The order of names in a group affects the group scheduling properties, which determine how calls are routed. Because Vocera automatically adds new users to the end of the Everyone group, you may want to manually rearrange this order to optimize scheduling.

The Everyone group determines the default set of permissions for the users at its site.