Placing a Three-Way Conference Call Between Different Sites

You can use your device to set up a three-way conference call with two other Vocera users at different remote sites.

The conference commands that you use are the same that you would use for a normal three-way conference call in which all three users are located at the same site. However, to invite a user at a remote site to a conference, you must connect to the site first.

Action Recommended Commands
Placing a three-way conference call between different sites
  1. Connect to a remote site by saying "Connect to Santa Cruz."
  2. Wait for the next Genie prompt and then say: "Conference April Buckley."
  3. After April is connected, put the call on hold by pressing the Hold/DND button.
  4. Connect to another remote site by saying "Connect to Scotts Valley."
  5. Invite another user to the conference call by saying "Invite John Smith."