Telephony High Availability

You can install multiple Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway servers —also called a telephony server array—at each site.

By installing an array of telephony servers at a site, you can take advantage of the following high availability features:

Important: The Administration Console allows you to specify only one telephony configuration per site. If you deploy multiple telephony servers at one site, all of them must use the same configuration. Each telephony server installed at a site must use the same signaling protocol and have the same capacity. You can use telephony boards with different form factors (for example, PCI vs. PCI-X).

Generally, all telephony servers at a site will use the same PBX. However, they could use different PBXs as long as all PBXs have the same configuration for the trunks to the telephony servers and the same capabilities for off-PBX dialing (for example, tie lines).

Telephony servers in an array do not communicate with each other. Instead, the telephony servers respond to requests from the Vocera Voice Server. All communication with telephony servers is handled by the Vocera Voice Server.