Starting a Standalone Server

Following these steps to start a clustered node as a standalone server.

  1. Display the Vocera Control Panel on the node that you want to start as a standalone server.
  2. Choose Stop from the Run menu of the Vocera Control Panel.

    The status indicator disappears and the Vocera Control Panel displays the message "Exiting server process".

    Important: If you execute the Stop command on the active node, it does not cause a failover, but it does cause an interruption in badge service until you start the Vocera Voice Server as a standalone server.
  3. Choose Start Standalone from the Cluster menu of the Vocera Control Panel.

    The server disconnects from the cluster and starts as a standalone system. When the server finishes starting, the status indicator displays the Active status and a green icon.

    The exact result of the Start Standalone command depends upon the state of the server at the time that you stopped it:

    • If the Vocera Voice Server was active and badges were connected to it, the badges reconnect when you start the node as a standalone system.

    • If the Vocera Voice Server was in standby mode, it restarts as an active standalone server, and it does not interfere with the active node of the cluster in any way.