Setting Up Users and Groups

After you install Vocera Voice Server software and configure Vocera badges and Vocera or third-party client devices, you must set up profiles for users, groups, and (optionally) sites in the Vocera Voice Server database.

Use the following checklist to complete the configuration of your Vocera Voice Server system:


Collect site data.

Each site that you define contains its own users, groups, locations, and address book entries.

You can set up all your users and groups in the Global site, then transfer them to individual sites later when you define them. It may be more convenient, however, to define your sites in advance and assign users and groups to their appropriate home sites.


Collect the user name data.

Collect official names, spoken names, nicknames, phone numbers, and other information that you need to populate the database.


Collect the group data.

Create two separate lists for groups: a list of group names and a list of the members of each group.


Enter the user, group, and group member data into the following spreadsheet templates, then save them in CSV format:

  • users-template.xls

  • groups-template.xls

  • members-template.xls

For more information, see the Vocera Data-Loading Reference.


Use the Vocera Administration Console to load the data from the spreadsheets into Vocera.