Running the Vocera Report Server Installation Program

Follow these steps to install Vocera Report Server(VRS) in your environment.

Vocera software is distributed electronically using an ISO image file. Before installing and setting up Vocera Voice Server on your system, follow the steps in Electronic Software Distribution.
Use the following steps to install Vocera software components.
  1. Log in to the computer with administrator privileges.
  2. Locate and double click the Vocera Suite Installer file.
    Figure 1. Vocera Suite Installer file
    The Welcome window opens.
  3. On the Welcome window, click Next to continue with the installation program.
    Figure 2. Welcome Window
    The License Agreement window opens.
  4. Review the license agreement before accepting the terms in the agreement and click Next.
    Figure 3. License Agreement Window
    The Custom Setup Window opens.
  5. In the Custom Setup window, select the radio button next to the feature that you want to install and click Next.
    Figure 4. Custom Setup installation window
    The License File Location window opens.
  6. In the License File Location window, click Browse... to select the location for the XML license file that you obtained from Vocera Customer Support. If you do not have a Vocera Voice Server license file, select the check box next to Install the License File Manually. Click Next.
    Figure 5. License File Location window
    Note: You can proceed with the installation using the installation program even if you do not have a Vocera license file. However, you must install the Vocera Voice Server license file manually after the installation program completes since the Vocera Voice Server will not start unless the license file is present in the Vocera license directory. See Updating the Vocera License File on a Stand-alone Vocera Server for more information.
    A window opens where you can locate and select the XML license file.
  7. Browse and locate the XML license file and click Open.
    When you select the XML license file, the Installation Program:
    • Creates the Vocera license directory
    • Copies the XML license file into the Vocera Voice Server license directory
    After the Installation Program completes this process, an installation configuration window opens.
  8. In the installation configuration window, select the local IP address for your VRS installation, the SSL setting, and the location for the drive where you want your Vocera component installed. Click Next.
    Figure 6. Installation Configuration window
    An additional installation configuration window opens where you specify the location of the Vocera Voice Server.
  9. In the next installation configuration window, select the IP address for your Vocera Voice Server installation to ensure that Vocera Report Server connects to the Vocera Voice Server. Click Next.
    Figure 7. Installation Configuration window
    The Vocera installer is launched with a progress bar showing the status of the installation.
  10. When the installation is finished, a window appears announcing that the installation is complete. Click Finish.
  11. After the installation program completes, the installer opens a window where you can choose to restart your system.
    Figure 8. Vocera Restart Option Window
    Note: After a new installation, you should restart the Vocera Voice Server before using Vocera Report Server.
  12. If you did not install the Vocera XML License file earlier, you must install the license file manually. See Updating the Vocera License File on a Stand-alone Vocera Server.
    Note: The Vocera Voice Server will not start unless the license key is installed.
    Congratulations! Your installation is complete.