Upgrading Vocera Client Gateway

Learn the steps for performing an upgrade to Vocera Client Gateway.

With Vocera 5.3.2, you can take advantage of high availability features by installing multiple Vocera Client Gateway servers. See Installing Multiple Vocera Client Gateway Servers.

To upgrade the Vocera Client Gateway:

  1. If your Vocera installation has a customized Vocera Client Gateway properties file (\vocera\telephony\vgw\vgwproperties.txt), back up the file to a flash drive or to a temporary location on a network drive.
    After you install Vocera 5.3.2, you will need to merge the changes into the corresponding file on your upgraded Vocera Client Gateway.
  2. (Optional for 5.1 or later) Uninstall the existing Vocera Client Gateway.
    See Uninstalling Vocera Voice Server Software.
    Note: You do not need to uninstall Vocera Client Gateway software, if you are migrating from a Vocera 5.1 release to a later 5x release. However, if you are migrating from a Vocera release earlier than 5.1, this step is necessary. For example Vocera Client Gateway 5.0 to 5.3.2 or 4.3 to 5.3.2.
  3. Install the new Vocera Client Gateway.
  4. If you have a customized Vocera Client Gateway properties file (\vocera\telephony\vgw\vgwproperties.txt) from a previous deployment, merge the changes into your current vgwproperties.txt file.
  5. After you upgrade to Vocera 5.3.2, update your client devices to the latest firmware. See the related to your device, Vocera Collaboration Suite Apple iOS User Guide, Vocera Collaboration Suite Android User Guideand the Vocera Device Configuration Guide.