Upgrading Vocera Administration Interface Applications

Learn about performing an upgrade to Vocera Administration Interface(VAI).

If you have deployed VAI applications, the voice server provides backwards compatibility for these applications.

The Vocera 5.3.2 server.jar file is compiled using Java 8.0 (1.8). If your VAI application needs to be updated to take advantage of new functionality and if the VAI application is not running under an earlier version of Java than 1.8, be sure to update the VAI application to run under Java 1.8.

In addition, the Vocera 5.3.2 server.jar file has some dependent libraries that exist in the %vocera_drive%\vocera\server\lib folder that need to be copied. The files that need to be copied include: See the Vocera Administration Interface Developer Guide for details.
Important: VAI applications that connect to Vocera Voice Server 5.3.2 must use Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8.0 (1.8).