Upgrading a Standalone Vocera Voice Server

Learn how to migrate your data and any custom configuration files with minimal downtime. This topic provides the steps needed to upgrade from a standalone Vocera Voice Server system to a standalone Vocera Voice Server 5.3.2 system.

Before you begin: If Vocera Secure Texting (VST) is installed in your environment, you must uninstall the VST Sync Connector before you upgrade to the latest version of Vocera Voice Server. See "How to Uninstall the Vocera Secure Texting Sync Connector" in the VST Administrator Guide. Re-install the Sync Connector after you complete the Vocera Voice Server upgrade. Make sure that you download and install the latest version of the VST Sync Connector.

If you have customized any properties file, be sure to back up those files before you begin the upgrade process. See Backing up Vocera Data

  1. If Vocera Report Server is running, shut it down:
    1. On the Vocera Report Server computer, choose Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services.
      The Services window appears.
    2. Stop the Tomcat service.
    3. Close the Services window.
  2. Use the backup utility in your current Vocera installation to back up your data.
  3. (Optional for 5.1 or later) Uninstall the Vocera Voice Server software.
    See Uninstalling Vocera Voice Server Software.
    Note: You do not need to uninstall Vocera Voice Server software, if you are migrating from a Vocera 5.1 release to a later 5x release. However, if you are migrating from a Vocera release earlier than 5.1, this step is necessary. For example Vocera Voice Server 5.0 to 5.3.2 or 4.3 to 5.3.2.
  4. Install the 5.3.2 Vocera Voice Server software.
    See Running the Vocera Voice Installation Program.
    Note: At the end of the installation program, do not reboot.
  5. If your Vocera installation had a modified Properties.txt file, merge the changes into the corresponding file on your new server.
  6. Reboot the server you are upgrading.
  7. After you reboot, the Vocera Voice Server automatically restores your Vocera database.
    When the restore completes, the badges will connect to the server and be able to communicate.
  8. Perform the post-installation tasks to completely migrate your data from the previous Vocera version to  5.3.2:
    1. See Changes in Behavior.
    2. See Suggested Post-Upgrade Tasks.
  9. Install or upgrade Vocera components on any other machines:
    Component Details
    Badge Configuration Utilities See the Vocera Badge Configuration Guide.
    Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway See Upgrading Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway
    Vocera Client Gateway See Upgrading Vocera Client Gateway.
    Vocera Report Server See Upgrading Vocera Report Server