Upgrading Vocera Staff Assignment

Staff Assignment is automatically installed with Vocera Voice Server 5.3.2. After you upgrade the Vocera Voice Server to Version 5.3.2 and then restart the computer, the Vocera Voice Server performs a remote restore (if you have a Vocera cluster) or restores data from a backup file (if you have a standalone Vocera Voice Server). The Staff Assignment application data and certificate file are also restored.

Important: If you have a standalone Vocera Voice Server running Staff Assignment, Vocera recommends setting up a Vocera Voice Server cluster before upgrading to Version 5.3.2. Otherwise, badges will be logged out automatically when they connect to the 5.3.2 server for the first time. Also, if bed/room groups and role-based groups have been configured to remove users on logout, all staff assignments for the current shift will be cleared during the Vocera Voice Server upgrade.