Backing up Vocera Data

Use the Vocera backup utility to back up existing data. After an upgrade, the Vocera Voice Server restores backed-up data the first time you launch it.

The Vocera upgrade process automatically upgrades standard files, but does not restore customized files. To ensure that your customized data is not lost and is restored during upgrades, copy any customized files to a flash drive or to a temporary location on a network drive that is accessible from your new Vocera Voice Server machine before you begin the upgrade process. For example,

If you are upgrading a Vocera cluster, this file is on any of the nodes.

In a cluster environment, these files are on your active node:

To back up Vocera data
  1. Launch the Administration Console on your Vocera Voice Server system.
  2. Click the Maintenance button in the navigation bar to display the set of Maintenance tabs. By default, the Server page is already selected.
  3. Click the Backup button.
    Vocera backs up your configuration data to a file in the \vocera\backup directory of the server computer and displays a dialog box to show you the progress. When the backup is finished, Vocera displays the progress as 100%.
  4. Click OK to close the dialog box and return to the Administration Console.
  5. If your Vocera installation has a modified \vocera\server\properties.txt or \vocera\telephony\vgw\vgwproperties.txt file, back up the file to a flash drive or to a temporary location on a network drive.

    After you install Vocera 5.3.2, you will need to merge the changes into the corresponding file on your upgraded Vocera Voice Server.