Uninstalling Vocera Voice Server Software

Learn how to remove Vocera Voice Server software from your server.

Prerequisite: For VSTG and VCG software removal, be sure to stop the VSTG or VCG server before running the application to remove Vocera. For VRS, stop Tomcat services.

Vocera Voice Server provides an easy way to remove Vocera products from your server utilizing the Windows control panel utility which launches the Vocera uninstaller application.

When you uninstall the Vocera Voice Server server, Vocera Client Gateway Server, Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway Server, and the Vocera Report Server the installation program removes most of the files in the \vocera directory and other directories. The installation program server uses the remaining files when you reinstall or upgrade your system.

Important: If you are planning to reinstall or upgrade Vocera on your system, do not remove the remaining Vocera files since they are needed for subsequent Vocera installations and upgrades.

To remove Vocera Voice Server software for all components:

  1. Log into the computer with administrator privileges.
  2. For Vocera Voice Serverand Vocera Report Server only: If you are removing the Vocera Voice Server, back up your data.
    For more information see Backing up Vocera Data.
  3. If the Vocera Voice Server is running, shut it down.
    For more information see Shutting Down the Vocera Voice Server.
  4. For Windows 2008 and Windows 2012, follow these steps:
    1. Open the Windows Control Panel and select Programs and Features
    2. Locate and select Vocera Suite. The Vocera uninstaller is launched and displays the Remove the Program window.
      Figure 1. Vocera Suite
    Note: Earlier versions of Vocera do not have Vocera Suite available. To remove earlier versions of Vocera products, in Programs and Features locate the Vocera product from the list of installed programs and select Remove.
  5. From the Remove the Program window, click Remove. A new window opens that shows the status of the software removal wizard.
  6. When finished, select Yes, I want to restart my computer now, and click Finish.