Vocera Client Gateway Requirements

Learn about installation considerations and requirements.

Install the Vocera Client Gateway on a dedicated computer. The Vocera Client Gateway uses software that might cause conflicts, and it performs resource-intensive tasks that might affect performance of other applications.

The following figure shows a typical Vocera system consisting of Vocera Client Gateway, Vocera Voice Server, and Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway installed on separate computers. Optionally, Vocera Report Server can also be installed on a separate computer.

Figure 1. Vocera software installed on separate computers Vocera software installed on separate computers

The Vocera Client Gateway must be installed with the same version as the Vocera Voice Server and the Vocera Client Gateway cannot communicate with earlier versions of Vocera Voice Server.

If the computer on which you are installing Vocera Client Gateway has previously run other applications, re-install the operating system and apply appropriate service packs to ensure you install the Vocera Client Gateway into a clean environment.