Forcing a Failover

Follow these steps in order to force a failover when needed.

A failover occurs when the active node passes control of a cluster to one of the other nodes. Failure of either the Vocera Voice Server on the active node or its hardware results in a failover.

In some situations, however, you may want to force a failover to occur. For example, you may want to initiate a failover so you can perform planned maintenance on the active node, or to test your cluster set up.

Use the Vocera Control Panel or the Administration Console of the active node to force a failover. See Using the Vocera Control Panel for additional information.

Use the following steps to initiate a failover through the Vocera Control Panel:

  1. Display the Vocera Control Panel on the active node of the cluster.
  2. Choose Failover from the Cluster menu of the Vocera Control Panel.
    A dialog box asks you to confirm the failover.
  3. Click OK.
    Control of the cluster fails over and a new node becomes active and takes control of the cluster almost immediately.