Working with Phone Numbers

You can enter phone numbers of various types in the User Console. For example, when you provide your basic information, you optionally specify your desk extension, cell phone number, and home phone number. Your Vocera administrator can also enter or update this information for you.

A User Console field for a phone number can contain any of the following characters:

Vocera ignores any other character that you enter in these fields. For example, you can enter (408) 790-4100 instead of 4087904100. Vocera ignores the extra spaces, dashes, and parentheses when the number is actually dialed.

Entering a number in a console field does not guarantee that you will be able to call that number. You need permission from your Vocera administrator to make phone calls from your badge or to forward calls your badge receives to a telephone number. Your Vocera administrator sets all of the following permissions separately: