Speech Recognition

When another user issues a command to call you, leave a message for you, locate you, and so forth, the Vocera system software analyzes the name the caller spoke and matches it to the text in the First Name and Last Name fields of your profile.

The Speech Recognition page provides a way for you to enter variations of your name, to increase the Genie’s ability to recognize you when someone is speaking your name.

Use the following steps to enter variations of your name:

  1. Click Basic Information in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click the Speech Recognition tab to display the Speech Recognition page.
  3. Your first and last names, entered on the Personal Information page, are automatically used for speech recognition. If you are called by any other names, enter them in Alternate Spoken Names as follows:
    • If you are called by one or more variations of your name (Bob Jones and Rob Jones, in addition to Robert Jones, for example), enter each variation in a different field.

    • If your name has an unusual pronunciation, and you find that the system is having trouble recognizing it, enter an Alternate Spoken Name that is spelled as your name is pronounced, rather than as it is usually spelled. For example, if the system does not recognize your name as Jodie Dougherty, you could enter Jodie Dockerty.

  4. Optionally enter an Identifying Phrase that distinguishes you from others who have the same name or a name that sounds alike. For example, if there are two Mary Hills on the system, but you are on the third floor and the other is on the first floor, you could enter Mary Hill on the first floor as your Identifying Phrase.
    Vocera also uses departments to differentiate among users with the same names. Departments are usually easier to set up and use than identifying phrases. See Personal Information.
  5. Click Save Changes.