You can use the Reminders page to add, edit, or delete text reminders. The character limit for a single text reminder is 115 character. You can add, edit, or delete reminders for yourself and for multiple recipients. Multiple recipients include individual users as well as Groups or a combination of both.
Note: Your administrator specifies the permissions that allow you to add, edit, or delete reminders for other recipients or groups. If you don't have these permissions, you can only add or edit reminders for yourself.

When adding a text reminder, you can also add a recurrence pattern to it. You can choose to have your reminders to recur hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. All reminders must have a start time and date. Recurring reminders should include a start time, start date, end date, and end time.

Reminders are created in the time zone specified for your Site. Your system administrator specifies a time zone for your Site. For example, if you belong to a Site that follows Pacific Standard Time time zone, all your reminders are created in this time zone.

You can listen to text reminders on your Vocera badge using the supported voice commands, refer to Listening to Messages section in the Vocera Badge User Guide for additional information on the voice commands and usage.

Note: The Reminders page will not display any reminders that you may have recorded using voice commands from your badge.