Recording Names for a Group

When prompting users who want to call or leave a message for a group, or when confirming these commands, the Genie will say either the group name, or a variation of the group member name, depending on the situation. In the absence of recorded names, the Genie will use text-to-speech generation to say the appropriate name. To ensure more natural-sounding prompts, you can record group names that will be substituted for the synthesized speech.

To record group names, press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and then tell the Genie “Record names for (group name)”. The Genie will then walk you through the steps to record the group name and the variations of the group member name.

Table 1. Recording names for a group
Action Recommended Commands (Italics indicate an example) Alternative Forms
Recording name prompts for a group Record name for Technical Support. Record name prompts for Technical Support.