Personal Information

The Personal Information page lets you specify basic information such as a name, user ID, and password, as well as accounting information such as an employee ID and cost center ID.

Use the following steps to enter or change your personal information:

  1. Click Basic Information in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click the Personal Information tab to display the Personal Information page.
  3. Enter or change your First Name and Last Name in the corresponding fields.

    The name must start with a letter or a digit. It must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-).

    Note: The names you enter here determine the names that other Vocera users can speak to contact you. If some people refer to you by a different name, such as a nickname or a married name, make sure you also enter it as an Alternate Spoken Name in the Speech Recognition tab.
  4. The User ID field displays the ID you use to access the User Console; other people may also use it to send an email message to your Vocera device. Your User ID uniquely identifies you to Vocera.
    Only a system administrator or tiered administrator can change the value in the User ID field.
  5. Your system may optionally use a value in the Employee ID field to identify you to Vocera.
    Only a system administrator or tiered administrator can change the value in the Employee ID field.
  6. If you want, enter a Password of five to 25 characters, and enter it again in the Re-enter Password field to make sure you typed it correctly. Letters, digits, spaces, periods, dashes (-), asterisks (*), and underscore characters (_) are allowed. The password is case-sensitive.

    A password is optional for User Console, but it may be required for Staff Assignment users, depending on the type of authentication used.

  7. Enter your Email Address. When your email address is included in your user profile, other Vocera users can send voice email messages from their Vocera devices to your email address. See the Vocera Badge User Guide for information about sending and receiving voice email messages.
    Note: Your administrator must configure certain Email settings to enable this feature.
  8. Optionally specify a value in the Cost Center field.
    A cost center ID enables Vocera to track system usage by users and potentially allows an organization to charge for relative usage.
  9. Optionally specify the conference you want to use in the Conference field. Click Select, choose from the list of available conferences, and then click Finish.

    In a conference, your Vocera device has the push-to-talk quickness and convenience of a walkie-talkie. You can communicate with everyone in the conference instantly. Everyone in a conference can hear you, anyone in a conference can reply as soon as you release the Call button, and everyone hears the reply immediately.

    Your system administrator must grant you permission to enter or leave a conference. See the Vocera Badge User Guide for complete information about conferences.

  10. When you finish entering your personal information, click Save Changes.