Group Permissions

The Permissions page of the Edit Group dialog box lets you determine whether the members of a group of users can add themselves as members to a group that you manage. You can also view the permissions that the Vocera Administrator has granted the group you are managing; however, you cannot change these permissions.

The Permissions page appears when you click the Permissions tab in the Edit Group dialog box (see Maintaining Group Information).

Use the following steps to manage permissions:

  1. If you want to let members of a group add themselves to the group you are managing, click the Select button under Group of users permitted to add themselves to this group, choose the group that has this permission, then click Finish.
    The Group Permissions page displays the name of the group with management permissions.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • Click Save to close the Edit Group dialog box and return to the Edit Groups page.
    • Click another tab in the Edit Group dialog box to maintain additional group information.