Group Call Forwarding

Groups determine the call forwarding that is possible within your organization. A combination of options lets you handle almost any forwarding scenario your organization requires, including chains that pass a call from one group to another until some individual is available to answer it.

For example, suppose a call—either an internal call from a badge, or an external call, when telephony is enabled—is directed to the Radiology group in a hospital. When you create or modify the Radiology group, the forwarding options you select let you handle this situation in any of the following ways:

Do not confuse the call forwarding options you can specify for a group with the call forwarding options a group member can specify. Call forwarding for a group determines the call flow through an entire organization; call forwarding for an individual member is more of a courtesy or convenience.

Call forwarding for a group occurs only when a call is directed to a group (“Call Radiology”), not to one of its members (“Call Roberta Verdi”). If Roberta Verdi is a member of Radiology, calls that are placed directly to Roberta are forwarded according to the options she specifies through voice commands or the User Console. Similarly, when a call is placed to Radiology, the group properties determine where the call is forwarded, and the forwarding options specified by individual members are ignored.