Genie Settings

Genie Settings personalize your interactions with the Vocera Genie.

Use the following steps to change Genie Settings:

  1. Click Preferences in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click the Genie Settings tab to display the Genie Settings page.
  3. Select a Genie Persona. The Genie Persona selection determines the speaker of the prompts you hear when you interact with the system. To hear a sample of a persona, click the speaker icon next to the selection.
  4. Select a Genie Greeting. The Genie Greeting is what you hear when you press the Call button. Select Tone Only to be greeted with a short tone, Speech Only to hear the spoken greeting (“Vocera”), or Tone and Speech to hear the combination of tone and speech.
  5. In the Call Announcements section, select a ring tone from the list and then click the speaker icon next to the tone to hear a sample.
    Note: Starting with 5.0 release, you cannot select Ring-Tone -15 to Ring-Tone -17. If you had previously selected one of these ring tones, your setting is reset to the system default during the upgrade process.
  6. If you want to hear who is calling the badge, check Announce Caller's Name After Tone. (It will take additional time to connect each call.)
    Note: Announce Caller’s Name After Tone is especially useful if you uncheck Auto Answer for Incoming Calls, because you are then given the opportunity to reject calls. When you reject a call, the caller is told that you are not available.
  7. If you sometimes receive a call made to a group that you belong to and you would like the Genie to identify the group that was called and the group's site (if it is different from caller's site) to set the context of the call, check Announce Name of Called Group.
  8. Click Save Changes.