Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding options determine when and where calls are forwarded. No Forwarding means the Vocera server will prompt the caller to leave a message.

Important: The system administrator must grant you permission to forward calls. In addition, you can forward calls to a phone number only if the Vocera system has been integrated with the telephone system. If you set forwarding options without the proper permissions, your calls are blocked—they are not forwarded, and they are not put through.

Use the following steps to choose Call Forwarding Options:

  1. Click Call Forwarding in the left navigation bar to display the Call Forwarding page.
  2. Click to select one of the following methods:
    • No Forwarding means the Vocera server will prompt the caller to leave a message.
    • Forward To Company Voice Mail transfers unanswered calls to the voice mailbox associated with your desk phone.
    • Forward To Another Device, Group, or Address Book Entry automatically forwards unanswered calls to the badge of another user or to the phone of someone in the address book. If you choose this method, click Select, choose the user, group, or address book entry to whom you want to forward your calls from the list that appears, and then click Finish.
    • Forward To Desk Phone, Forward To Cell Phone, and Forward To Home Phone forward calls to the corresponding number listed on your Personal Information page.
    • Forward To Another Number allows you to enter the number to which you want to forward calls. See Working with Phone Numbers for details about entering phone numbers.
  3. Choose when to forward calls:
    • All forwards all calls. Your badge will not ring.
    • Unanswered forwards any calls you do not answer, for any reason.
    • Offline forwards all calls you receive when you are out of range of the network or are logged off.
  4. Click Save Changes.