Basic Group Information

The Info page of the Edit Group dialog box lets you maintain the telephone extension for the group, alternate names for the group and its members, and scheduling options. The Info page appears when you select a group and click Edit Group on the Edit Groups page (see Maintaining Group Information).

The values in the Group Name and Site fields are greyed out to indicate that you cannot change them. Only the Vocera Administrator can change the name of a group or its home site.

Use the following steps to maintain basic group information:

  1. In the Phone Extension Field of the Info page, assign a telephone extension to the group. See Working with Phone Numbers for details about entering phone numbers.
    If Vocera is integrated with your phone system, outside callers who dial the Vocera system number can connect to the group by entering the group extension at the Genie prompt, instead of saying the group name.
  2. In the Speech Recognition fields, optionally change the names that badge users can speak when they call the group.
    • In the Member Name — Singular field, enter a name that describes a member of the group. For example, in the group called Sales, a group member could be known as a sales person. This allows the Genie to recognize a command such as “Call a sales person.”

    • In the Member NamePlural field, enter a name that collectively describes the members of the group. For example, in the group called Sales, the collection of group members could be called all sales people. This allows the Genie to recognize a command such as “Send a message to all sales people.”

    • In the Alternate Spoken Group Name field, you can enter a variation of the group name. For example, some people might say “The Sales team” instead of Sales. If you enter the Sales team as an Alternate Spoken Group Name, the Genie recognizes “Call the sales team.”

  3. Use the Scheduling Options fields to specify how calls to the group are routed:
    • Choose Sequential if you want one person to be the main contact. The second member in the list is called only if the first person is not available, a third member is called only if the first two are unavailable, and so forth.

      Important: The order in which names appear in the Group Member Name list on the Members tab is important when you choose Sequential scheduling.
    • Choose Round Robin if you want calls to be distributed as evenly as possible among group members. When you choose round robin, Vocera iterates through members in the group until someone accepts the call; however, the person who most recently accepted a group call is tried last.

  4. Do either of the following:
    • Click Save to close the Edit Group dialog box and return to the Edit Groups page.

    • Click another tab in the Edit Group dialog box to maintain additional group information.