Adding an Outside Buddy

Use the Buddies page to add or edit an outside buddy.

  1. On the Buddies page, click Add Outside Buddy or select an existing outside buddy and click Edit Buddy. The Add/Edit Outside Buddy dialog box appears.
  2. Use the First Name and Last Name fields to enter your buddy’s name.
  3. Use the Nickname field to enter the name that you want to use when you call this buddy.
    Important: All the names you enter in the User Console must start with a letter or a digit. They must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-).
  4. If Vocera is integrated with your phone system, use the Phone field to enter your buddy’s telephone number. See Working with Phone Numbers for details on entering phone numbers.
    Your system administrator must grant you permission to call outside numbers.
  5. Optionally enter the telephone number for your buddy’s pager in the Pager field. See Working with Phone Numbers for details about entering phone numbers.
    If Vocera is integrated with your phone system, you can send your buddy a page from your badge. Your buddy’s return call is connected directly to your badge—you do not have to wait for someone to find you. You must have a Desk Phone or Extension defined in your user profile to receive the return call on your badge. See Personal Information.
  6. Use the Email Address field to enter your buddy’s email address, if you want to send email with voice message attachments to this buddy.
    Note: Your administrator must configure certain Email settings to enable this feature.
  7. Click Save to save the new buddy profile and return to the Buddies tab, or click Save and Continue to save this buddy and begin to add another buddy.