About Instant Conferences

The conference feature provides badges with “push-to-talk” communication that simulates the behavior of a walkie-talkie. While you are in a conference, you can instantly communicate with other users in the same conference by pressing and holding the Call button—you don’t have to wait for speech recognition or Genie interactions.

Vocera supports a practically unlimited number of conferences. Many conferences can be active at the same time, with different users in each one. Users within the same conference can interact with one another.

Every group has a conference associated with it. For example, if your site has groups called Managers and Cashiers, users automatically have access to conferences with those names. Although users can be in multiple groups simultaneously, each user can be in only one conference at any time.

Users do not need to be group members to use a conference; however, they need the Conference permission to enter or leave a conference. The Vocera administrator can assign users to conferences and also remove them. If you are a group manager, the User Console lets you maintain the user list for conferences associated with your groups.