Entering Report Parameters

Most Vocera reports require you to specify a date range, and some also require you to select other parameters, such as the site or department. By specifying a narrow date range and selecting a specific site (instead of “All Sites”) and department (instead of “All Departments”), you can generate reports faster.
For example:
  1. Click the Generate button on the Summary Reports page with Group Entry Summary selected.
    The Report Parameters page opens.
  2. Use this page to enter upper and lower limits (if any) for the date range, and select the site for which you want to generate the report.
  3. You can specify that a date range has no lower or upper limit by clicking Range has no lower limit (the range begins with the earliest date for which data has been loaded) or Range has no upper limit (the range ends with the latest date for which data has been loaded), or both. The Include this value check box specifies whether data for the corresponding date is included in the report.
For a complete list of report parameters for all reports, see Entering Parameters for Scheduled Reports