Possible Solutions to Task Scheduler Exceptions

This section lists common scheduler exceptions you may encounter while running the system tasks and possible solutions to the problem.

Task Scheduler Exception

Possible Solution or Workaround

The task executable has exceeded the desired timeout period.

Reset the Timeout field in Executable Info tab under the Task Edit dialog box.

The task execution process failed.

An unknown exception occurred.

Open the latest Vocera Report Server log file in the \Tomcat\logs folder to find the root cause of the exception. See Viewing the Vocera Report Server Task Log.

Note: The Task Scheduler accommodates programs that run outside of the Report Server, so the Task Diagnostic reports cannot provide detailed information about a failed task. However, you can investigate the details of a failed task by opening the log file for that task.

The job is removed from the queue as it exceeded the maximum waiting time.

Increase the value of the Task Waiting Time on the Schedule tab of the task.

Could not perform the disk cleanup activity because the Disk Cleanup Agent failed.

  • Make sure the disk destination for sweep is specified correctly.

  • If the disk destination folder is on another server, make sure it is shared. Vocera Report Server does not have rights to access it if it not shared.

    For information on giving Vocera Report Server access to other network servers, see Giving Vocera Report Server Access to Other Network Servers.