Troubleshooting Problems with Scheduled Tasks

The Task Scheduler, which is used to schedule system tasks of the Report Server, uses the same underlying scheduling engine as the Report Scheduler. It enables users to schedule system tasks and receive notifications with details about the success or failure of any system task. For example, if a backup, dataload, archive, or purge operation fails, an email notification will be sent to the specified alert recipient.

The Task Scheduler depends on the following settings to operate successfully:

When a system task fails to run at its scheduled time in spite of the right settings, it could be due to other reasons. The following guidelines help you identify and solve problems with failed scheduled tasks.

To troubleshoot failed scheduled tasks:

  1. Run a system task manually before enabling the task schedule to run it automatically. See Running a Task.

    When you run a system task manually, you can spot and correct most problems.

  2. Run Task Scheduler Diagnostics reports to list any exceptions that occurred.

    See FRunning Task Scheduler Diagnostics Reports.

  3. Once you see what the exception is, try one of the recommended solutions to the problem.

    See Possible Solutions to Report Scheduler Exceptions.