Telephony Usage Trend Report

The Telephony Usage Trend report provides data about telephony port usage for each principal site. It can be generated to show daily or weekly trends, or both.

A principal site may share its telephony server with other sites. The Telephony Usage Trend report lists only principal sites, but it shows the cumulative port usage of all sites that share a particular telephony server.

This report can help you determine if the number of licensed telephony ports available is sufficient to meet peak demand. During peak usage periods, calls can be delayed or dropped if the number of calls exceeds the number of ports available. If the number of ports is insufficient to meet your needs, you may want to consider licensing more ports.

The report charts usage based on the maximum number of telephony ports in use on a given date. It also provides the maximum number of ports in use during a specified date range and the total number of ports allocated for each principal site.

Note: For information about configuring telephony see the Vocera Administration Guide. For more information about sharing telephony service and servers across multiple sites, see the Multiple Site Scenarios section in the Vocera Installation Guide.

Following is an example Telephony Usage Trend report:

Figure 1. Telephony Usage Trend Report Telephony usage trend report