Tiered Administration Audit Report

The Tiered Administration Audit report shows all modifications and system actions performed via theAdministration Console.

The following figure shows a page from a Tiered Administration Audit report.

Figure 1. Tiered Administration Audit report Tiered Administration audit report

The following table describes the report columns.

Table 1. Tiered Administration Audit report Columns
Column Description
Time The Time column shows when a change was made.
Modified By The Modified By column shows who made the change. This value corresponds to a User ID specified via theAdministration Console or the User Console on the Vocera server, unless the user logged in with the built-in login ID Administrator. If the operation was performed automatically by the Vocera system—for example, an automated restore of the database—the value is System. If the operation is a login by Report Server to the Vocera Voice Server to perform a dataload, this value is null.

The Operation column specifies the operation that changed the Vocera database. Here are some possible values:

  • Auto Restore—The Vocera system automatically restored data from the database.
  • Backup—The database was backed up.
  • Create—An entity was created.
  • Delete—An entity was deleted.
  • Login Admin Console—Someone logged in using the default administrator user name and password.
  • Login Tiered Admin Console—Someone logged in using a user name and password that has administration rights.
  • Login User Console—Someone logged into the Vocera User Console.
  • Login VAI—Someone logged into a Vocera Administration Interface (VAI) client.
  • Send Text Message—Someone sent a text message to another user's device.
  • Update—One or more of an entity's property values changed.
  • Update Conference Group—The list of members of a conference group was changed.
  • Update System—One or more system property values changed.

Modified Entity Type

The ModifiedEntityType column specifies the type of the entity that was changed. If no entity was changed, this value is empty. Possible values:

  • AddrBook (address book entry)

  • Group

  • User

Modified Entity

The ModifiedEntityID column identifies the entity that was changed. For a user, the value is the user ID. For a group, the value is the group name. For an address book entry, the value is the address book entry name. If the Vocera database was not changed, for example, when a Backup operation occurs, the displayed value is N/A.