Speech Recognition Distribution Chart

The Speech Recognition Distribution Chart shows speech recognition distribution statistics for selected sites. The results are represented in two pie charts for each site. If you show all sites, the report also includes charts that summarize results across all sites. The report includes recognition attempts for users who are not assigned to a department.

For more information, see "How Speech Recognition Rates Are Calculated " in the Vocera Report Server Guide.

The following table describes the data provided in the two charts that make up the generated report:

Table 1. Speech Recognition Distribution Charts
Chart Description
Speech Statistics This chart shows the distribution of recognized speech attempts compared to rejected, and other speech attempts in a pie chart format. The other category considers all other speech attempts that are not otherwise recognized or rejected. The chart includes speech recognition attempts made after users have successfully logged into their devices. It does not include login attempts in the recognition results.
Total Statistics This chart shows the distribution of total of speech attempts compared to no speech occurrences, in a pie chart format.

Following is an example of the Speech Recognition Distribution report:

Figure 1. Speech Recognition Distribution chart Speech Recognition Distribution chart