Select User or Group

The Select User or Group dialog box lets you select Vocera users and groups to add to a mailing list to use for scheduled reports.

This dialog box displays icons to help you identify the names:

The dialog box displays up to 200 users and groups at a time. To see the next group of 200, click Next 200.

By default, the dialog box displays users and groups for all sites. To filter the list by a specific site, select other than "All Sites" from the Sites list at the bottom right.

In the Select User or Group dialog box, you can select multiple mailing lists, users, or groups:

To select users or groups:

  1. Type the name of a mailing list or group, or the last name of a user.

    As you type a name, the Search field displays a drop-down list of matching names. You can select a name from the drop-down list to go to it.

    If the list contains many users with the same last name, type a comma and space after the last name, and then type the first name (or the start of the first name). Select a name from the drop-down list to go to it.

    Users or groups with matching names appear in the list.

  2. Select one or more names.

  3. Click Finish to close the dialog box.

    The name(s) appears in the mailing list.