About Scheduling Automatic Archiving of Report Data

An archive is much like a backup file. However, a backup file captures all the data that is currently in the system. An archive captures data up to and including a date you specify. An archive does not include information about users and groups.

Performing regular archiving and purging of Report Server data can have the following beneficial results:

  1. The number of records in the database will be reduced.
  2. The disk space required for scheduled backups will be reduced.
  3. The Report Server will use less processing power and RAM to generate reports, and it will generate them faster.
  4. The time needed to back up and restore Report Server data will be reduced.
Archive files are saved to the \vocera\reports\backup folder on the Report Server computer. To free up disk space, you can move archive files from the Report Server computer to another disk for backup purposes.

Scheduling Report Data Archives

To schedule archiving of report data:
  1. Click Task Scheduler in the navigation bar.
  2. Select the Archive task, and then click the Edit Task button.
    The Edit Task dialog box appears.
  3. On the Task Information tab, make sure the Enabled check box is checked.
    When this check box is checked, the task runs according to the specified schedule. Otherwise, the task is disabled.
  4. Click the Schedule tab.
  5. Select Schedule Frequency, Start Date, and End Date options. You can leave the End Date field blank if you don't want the backup schedule to expire.
    By default, the schedule frequency for Archive is every month.
  6. In the Time of day to run the task field, select the time to begin the backup task. The first list specifies an hour from 1 to 12, inclusive. The second list specifies minutes in 15 minute intervals (0, 15, 30, or 45). The third list specifies a.m. or p.m.
    The default time for the Archive task is 12 a.m.
  7. By default, the Archive task archives all data except for the last 12 weeks. If you want to change that setting, follow these steps:
    1. Click the Executables tab.
    2. Select the Archive Task executable, and then click the Edit button.
      The Edit Executable dialog box appears.
    3. Click the Parameters tab.
    4. Click the ArchiveDate parameter, and click the Edit button.
      The Edit Executable Parameters dialog box appears.
    5. In the Value field, specify the last number of days, weeks, or months that you do not want archived.
    6. Click Save to save the new value and close the Edit Executable dialog box.
    7. Click Save to save settings and close the Edit Executable dialog box.
  8. Click Save to save settings and close the Edit Task dialog box.