Archiving and Purging Report Data Manually

You can reduce the amount of data in the system by deleting data collected up to and including a specified date. This operation is called purging. The Archive and Purge task available on the Task Scheduler page archives report data up to and including a specified date, and then purges that data from the database. The archive is a ZIP file created in the \vocera\reports\backup directory.

If you think you might want to restore this data at a later time, you can load the archive file. See Loading Data from an Archive.

To archive and purge report data manually:

  1. Click Task Scheduler in the Navigation bar.
  2. Click the Archive and Purge task.
  3. Click the Run Task button.
    A message box opens to confirm you want to run the task.
  4. Click OK.
    The Run Task dialog box appears.
  5. Use the Calendar Tool to choose a date. All data that was saved on that date or earlier will be permanently removed from the system. After you specify a date, click the Run Task button.
    The Status dialog box appears.
  6. When the process is complete, click OK to close the dialog box.