Package Destination

The Package Destination dialog box lets you specify how a report package is distributed to users. The package can be sent as an attachment(s) to an email or as an email containing a link to a network folder.




Make sure this check box is checked to enable the package destination.

If you later decide to disable the package destination, you can uncheck the Enabled check box.


Click Add to add a recipient from a mailing list or from the list of Vocera users and groups.

Click Add Email to add an email address as a recipient. This is useful if recipients you want to add have not been added to a mailing list, do not have an email address specified in their Vocera accounts, or do not have Vocera accounts.

To delete a recipient, select it, and then click Delete.


Select one of the following Send options:

  • As attachment – Sends reports as multiple files or as a single ZIP file attached to the email message. If multiple files are attached to the message, they appear in alpabetical order by filename.

  • As a link to destination folder – Sends a link to the network folder where the report files are generated.


Enter a subject line (up to 200 characters) for the email that will have the report package results attached.


Type a message describing the contents of the report package. This is the email message that package recipients will be sent. The message could also include instructions for what to do with the reports or how to interpret them.

If the Format selected is HTML, you can type a message using HTML tags. Carriage returns that you enter in the Message box are converted to HTML <para> tags.

If the Format selected is Text, type a plain text message.

Note: At the bottom of your message, the list of reports contained in the package will be included. The list will also indicate whether any reports are configured to be sent only when the report has data.


Select HTML or Text. If you select HTML, the Message field can include HTML tags instead of plain text.