Package Information

The Package Information page of the Add/Edit Package Schedule dialog box lets you specify basic information about the report package.




Make sure this check box is checked to enable the package schedule.

If you later decide to disable the package schedule, you can uncheck the Enabled check box.

Package Name

Enter a name for the report package (up to 50 characters).


Select a site for the package. The site you select will be used for the Site and Owner's Site report parameters and also to filter email recipients for package destinations.

To use all sites for the package, select All.

Note: If you change the package site, several other package fields are affected. The Site and Owner's Site report parameters are updated to the package site, and Department and Device Owner report parameters are cleared. Email recipients for package destinations are also cleared.


Enter a description of the report package (up to 250 characters).


Enter any explanatory notes about the report package.