Overview of Task Scheduling

The Task Scheduler, which is used to schedule Report Server system tasks, uses the same underlying scheduling engine as the Report Scheduler, making the software more efficient, reliable, and easier to extend. In addition, users can now receive email notifications with details about the success or failure of any system tasks. For example, if a backup, dataload, archive, or purge operation fails, an email notification will be sent to the specified alert recipient. The Task Scheduler is included with the basic Report Server product; you do not need a Report Scheduler license to use the Task Scheduler.

Archiving and purging operations are now controlled by the Task Scheduler. Previously, these were manual processes that could not be scheduled.

Task Scheduler Diagnostic reports help troubleshoot any problems you encounter with scheduled tasks. You can run these two reports (either standard or filtered) to see any exceptions that have occurred with the tasks.

Currently, only Vocera system tasks are supported by the Task Scheduler. System tasks cannot be deleted, and only certain fields can be modified: All other task fields are read-only.