Managing Hard Disk Space

Over time, the number of records in the Report Server database increases, which causes backup files to grow progressively larger. Consequently, the Report Server computer can accumulate a considerable amount of data. Performing regular archiving and purging of Report Server data can reduce the disk space required for scheduled backups. See the following topics for information on archiving and purging:

To free up disk space, you may also consider removing files from the following Report Server folders.

Folder Description
\vocera\reports\backup Contains Report Server backup and archive files.

By default, only 10 backup files are preserved, but you can configure the Backup concept to preserve a different number of files. See Scheduling Automatic Backups.

There is no limit to the number of archive files you may create. To free up disk space, you can move archive files from the Report Server computer to another disk for backup purposes.

\vocera\reports\data-datetime Each time you upgrade Report Server, the installer preserves a backup copy of the \vocera\reports\data folder and renames it \vocera\reports\data-datetime . To free up disk space, you can delete the \vocera\reports\data-datetime folders or move them to another disk for backup purposes.

Important: DO NOT delete the \vocera\reports\data folder as it contains the current Report Server data.

\vocera\reports\data\posted Contains report logs that have been uploaded to the Report Server database. These files are preserved because they can be used to restore data if your Report Server database becomes corrupted. However, you can also restore data from backup files, so you may choose to remove files from this folder if you need to free up space.
\vocera\reports\restore Contains data used to restore Report Server to a previous service pack release. Vocera preserves these files in the event that you choose to roll back to a previous release.
\Tomcat\logs Contains Report Server logs. You may periodically need to remove old log files from this folder to free up space. See Managing Report Server Logs.