Mail Info Page

Mail Info settings identify your mail server so the Vocera Report Server can communicate with it successfully. All Mail Info fields are required, so make sure you complete them all.

Table 1. Outgoing mail settings
Field Description
Download Mail Setup from Vocera Voice Server Check this box if you want to load the mail server settings from the Vocera Voice Server.

When the Download Mail Setup from Vocera Server box is checked, mail server settings are downloaded from the Vocera Voice Server during each dataload operation.

Important: If you check the Download Mail Setup from Vocera Voice Server box, only the Default Alert Recipient field can be modified. All other fields on this page are read-only.

Mail Host Domain Name Specify the domain name used in email addresses at your site. Example:
Enable SMTP Authentication Check this box if your mail server requires its subscribers to provide authentication when sending email messages.
SMTP Host Enter the name of the mail server used for outgoing mail. For example:

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is used to send email.

SMTP UserName Enter the user name or address used to login to the outgoing mail server.
Password Enter the password the Vocera Report Server must use to log in to the outgoing mail server (up to 15 characters). Type the password again in the Re-enter Password field to ensure that you typed it correctly.
Default Alert Recipient(s) Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses to receive warning messages that the Vocera Report Server can issue. The Vocera Report Server sends alert messages to notify you when a scheduled report package could not be run or delivered.

If this field is empty, no one will receive Vocera Report Server alerts.

Avoid using email addresses with special characters. For example, do not enter an email address with a piping character (|) because Report Server treats it as a delimiter.

Test Mail Server Click Test Mail Server to send a test message to the specified default alert recipient.

After you click Test Mail Server, Vocera Report Server should display a dialog box saying that the test was successful.

Note: If the test message cannot be sent, it may take several seconds for Vocera Report Server to display a dialog saying that the test was unsuccessful and that you should check the SMTP settings.