Vocera Connect Apps

Vocera provides Vocera Collaboration Suite apps for iPhone and Android smartphones. With Vocera Connect, you can use your Wi-Fi-enabled phone to connect to the Vocera system over your organization's wireless network, just like a Vocera device. The app allows you to quickly locate other Vocera users from the Contacts menu, as well as read and send Vocera text messages. You can issue many of the voice commands available on Vocera devices. When users are not on site, they can use their phone's cellular network to access Vocera features, providing seamless access to Vocera at all times.

The Vocera Report Server reports include records of speech recognitions, incoming calls, outgoing calls, and voice commands made from all Vocera clients, including Vocera Collaboration Suite apps and Vocera Access Anywhere.

The Device Type Usage report shows usage trends for all Vocera devices, including Vocera Collaboration Suite and Vocera Access Anywhere. See Device Type Usage Report.