Understanding Groups and Departments

You can filter many Report Server reports by department. When you filter a report by a department, only users that belong exclusively to that department are included in the report.


Report Server does not maintain historical data on department membership over time. Instead, department membership is determined from the latest dataload of Vocera Server data. The only way to report on department membership at some time earlier than the latest dataload is to restore an earlier Report Server backup file.

You can select multiple departments to include in a report, including virtual departments. A virtual department represents users that belong to more than one department. The name of a virtual department includes actual department names separated by plus signs (for example, Marketing+Sales and I C U+Nursing Administration).

Vocera determines department membership as follows:

For example, suppose Pediatrics is a department group that contains the Pediatric Nurses group, and suppose Maddie Hall is an immediate member of Pediatric Nurses. The following list describes how calls made to users or groups within Pediatrics are listed in Vocera reports: