Data - Recognition Results Report

The Data - Recognition Results report exports a CSV file containing records for recognition results for users. The following table describes the report columns.

Table 1. Data - Recognition Results report
Column Description
DateTime Date and time of the event, accurate to the second.
UserID Vocera user ID.
FirstName The user's first name.
LastName The user's last name.
DeptName The user's department(s). If none, the value is "No Department Assigned".
CostCenters The user's cost centers.
SiteName The user's home site.
BadgeMACAddr MAC address of the user's device.
APMACAddr MAC address of the access point.
RecStatus Recognition status. Possible values are: Recognized, Rejected, NoSpeech, or SpeechTooEarly.
Score Confidence score for the utterance. Values range from 0 to 100. The confidence score gives an indication of the reliability that the system attaches to its interpretation of the utterance. By default, any confidence score below 40 causes the speech to be rejected by the system, thus changing the score to 0.
Recognized The speech that was recognized by the Vocera system. Example values: WhereIs Randy Floren, Call Chris Long, Yes, and LogOut.