Data - Device Last User Access Report

The Data - Device Last User Access report exports a CSV file containing device information for the last user to log in to a device. It can be configured to show all devices that have accessed the Vocera system, devices where users have not logged in for several days (lost devices), and devices that users have logged in for the first time ever (unregistered devices) or for the first time in a long time (lost devices that have been found). The following table describes the report columns.

Table 1. Data - Device Last User Access report
Column Description
SiteName Vocera site where the device is located.
Owner The group that owns the device.
Label A label that identifies the device. The label must be unique; it cannot be used by another device.
MAC Address Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a hardware address that acts like a unique name for the device. The MAC address is 12 characters long. Most Vocera device MAC addresses have the following prefix: 0009ef.
Device Status The device status. The value must match one of the existing device status values.
Days Since Last Used The number of days since the device was last used.
Date Device Last Used The date on which the device was last used.
Location Location where the device was last used. Includes the MAC address of the access point and the name—if available—of the location.
User User who last used the device.
Department The user's departments. If a user belongs to multiple departments, they are separated by a plus sign (+).