Entering Server Information

The Server Info tab displays a page where you can enter information about the Vocera Report Server and change the server's password.

To enter server information:

  1. Click Administration in the navigation bar.
  2. On the Server Info tab, enter the Vocera server IP address in the Vocera Voice Server IP Address field. Without access to the Vocera server, the Vocera Report Server cannot load the data files required to run reports. This field cannot be blank; it can be from 1 to 40 characters long, and it must be a valid IP address (for example,
    For clustered Vocera servers, enter a comma-separated list of IP addresses.
  3. Type 5 to 15 alphanumeric characters or symbols in the Administrator Password field. The password you type here replaces the current administrator password. After you save this password, it takes effect the next time an administrator logs in.
  4. Confirm the new administrator password by typing it again in the Re-enter Administrator Password field.
  5. After you enter data in these fields, click Save Changes to submit the new values, or click Reset to restore previously-saved values.
  6. The page also displays the following information:
    • Company Name, which is included in the footer on generated reports. Company Name is a read-only field. The value is loaded from the Vocera Voice Server during the dataload operation. You can set the company name in the Vocera Administration Console by choosing System > License Info.
    • License information, which indicates whether the Scheduler is enabled.