Viewing the Vocera Report Server Task Log

If the Task Scheduler Diagnostics reports list a task execution failure exception or an unknown exception, it may be helpful to view the Vocera Report Server task log file to see the root cause of an exception. The Vocera Report Server writes separate log files each time a task runs. Following is a list of log files that may be opened to troubleshoot the failed tasks.
  1. Archive-date-time.txt
  2. Archive and Purge-date-time.txt
  3. Backup-date-time.txt
  4. Dataload-date-time.txt
  5. Package Destination Sweep-date-time.txt
  6. Purge-date-time.txt

Viewing a Vocera Voice Server Task Log file

To view the Vocera Report Server task log file:
  1. Open the \Tomcat\logs folder.
  2. Based on the task that failed, open the corresponding log file. For example, if the scheduler diagnostic report listed a task execution failure for Dataload, open the file named Dataload-date-time.txt.
    Note: For information on managing the log files, see FIX LINK targetdoc="rg" targetptr="ManagingReportServerLogs"/>