Device Last User Access Report

The Device Last User Access report displays the last user to log in to a device. This report can be configured to show all devices that have accessed the Vocera system, devices where users have not logged in for several days (lost devices), and devices that users have logged in for the first time ever (unregistered devices) or for the first time in a long time (lost devices that have been found).

Use the Shared Device parameter to choose whether to report on all devices, devices that are assigned to an individual user, or devices that are shared between multiple users.

Use the Device Last Used and Number of Days parameters to include devices that have not been used less than or equal to or greater than or equal to the specified number of days. To include devices in the report regardless of when they were last used, make sure the Device Last Used parameter is set to "Greater than or equal to" and the Number of Days parameter is set to 0.

The Device Last User Access report does not provide a date range in its report parameters. Instead, the report's date range is calculated by subtracting the threshold of days the device was not used from today's date.

Devices that have never logged in display in red. If these devices are spares, retired, or RMA'd, the system device manager should select the appropriate device status for them and assign them to an owning group.

The following figure shows a page from a Device Last User Access report:

Figure 1. Device Last User Access report Device Last User Access report