Device Reports

Device reports are similar to Asset Tracking reports except they are grouped by device owner instead of department. If you do not have a Vocera license that includes Device Management, some fields (such as label, owner, and tracking date) will not appear in the reports.

To access Device reports, click Device Reports in the navigation bar.

The Device reports allow you to filter reports by device type. If you choose “All Device Types,” you include all devices, including non-Vocera devices running the Vocera Collaboration Suite app. When a non-Vocera device connects to the Vocera Voice Server, the server automatically assigns it a special 4-character MAC address prefix for identification purposes.

Table 1. MAC address prefixes for non-vocera devices
MAC Address Prefix Device
aaaa Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad
cccc Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G, 7925G, or 7926G
dddd Android smartphone
eeee Vocera Smartphone (from Motorola)