Configuring Outgoing Mail Information

Vocera Report Server allows you to schedule reports to be generated at a specific time and frequency and then to send the resulting output files to a list of email addresses. It also allows you to schedule system tasks to be fired at a specific time and frequency and then to notify alert recipients of completed or failed tasks. However, before Vocera Report Server can email reports to users, or send notification to alert recipients, you must use the Report Console to configure settings for the outgoing mail server.

Your company may have one or multiple mail servers. If you do not know the configuration information for the mail server to use with Vocera Report Server, ask the person who administers the server.

You can specify the same mail server used by your Vocera Voice Server, or you can use a different mail server. For information on configuring email settings for the Vocera Server, see the Vocera Administration Guide.

If Vocera Report Server fails to email a scheduled report package for any reason, it sends a notification email to the designated administrator. Based on the settings in the Notifications tab in task Scheduler, it sends notification emails of completed tasks and or failed tasks to the designated administrator.

To configure email host settings:

  1. Click Administration in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Mail Info tab.
  3. Enter information identifying your mail server. All fields are required.
  4. Click Save Changes.